A chilling warning for the APS

We really hope the APS board is reading the Financial Review (subscription required) with its coverage of the debacle that has consumed the CPA accounts’ organisation as a result of the failings of its directors and management. As the AFR points out in today's edition, the CPAs are in trouble from having a ”convoluted, unrepresentative … Continue reading A chilling warning for the APS

Member responds to member about CoP disaster

You are correct in the doctoral and registration equivalence but missing a key component of the BPS Independent Route, of which I am a graduate: you still need to complete a Masters in Counselling (Psychology) before another two years of supervised practice and accumulation of client and CPD hours. Moreover, this CoP Masters training pathway … Continue reading Member responds to member about CoP disaster

A Brief History of Reform APS

RAPS maybe getting more support from the clinicals than anyone of us might have thought. RAPS arives mid-January 2017 and immediately becomes a portal for the fury and disillusionment of the majority of psychologists against the APS’ staunch support of the Two-Tier system that discriminates against all other non-clinical psychologists.  Umm…Clinicals..that’s just 10 weeks! This […]