How You Can Help!

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RAPS is a small dedicated reform group with few resources. We need more hands on help to mobilise members, increase our mailing list, hold meetings and develop our website.

Please contact us if you would like to be part of creating change.

  1. Vote in  Our Poll!
  2. Help us Win the Spill!
  3. Hold a meeting in your suburb to spread the RAPS policies. We provide a PowerPoint to start the conversation. Apply here.
  4. Write Letters!

We need lots of people to write letters/ emails requesting information to the APS, to Ministers and to MPs. Here are some templates for you to use.

  1. Write to the APS Company Secretary, Barry Whitmore at: and ask how the co-option happened at the February 11th board meeting.
  2. Write a letter to Health Minister Greg Hunt at email address: Greg Hunt  (02) 6277 7220
  3. Letter to Tony Abbott – email him here
  4. Another letter for Hunt  – email address: Greg Hunt  (02) 6277 7220
  5. Letter to Colleges – email this to your College Chair or Committee member
  6. Letter to an MP – email this to your Federal MP – Google his address.
  7. Write to your DGPP representatives here and ask what they are doing for Generalists

Please let us know when you have sent a letter so we can keep track of how many have been sent – here!